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Subscription Economy Index™ 2020

The latest edition of the Subscription Economy Index™

The impact of today’s global pandemic has impacted the world’s citizens and economies, forcing businesses to quickly adapt.

The latest edition of the annual Subscription Economy Index™ (SEI), Zuora’s landmark index tracking the rapid ascent of the Subscription Economy, will reflect the growth metrics of hundreds of companies around the world amid today’s uncertain climate in industries including SaaS, IoT, Manufacturing, Publishing, Media, Telecommunications, Healthcare, and Corporate Services.

Preliminary findings from the latest SEI, analyzing the first half of this year ending June 30, 2020, show that while S&P 500 companies saw sales contract at an annualized rate of -10% in Q2, subscription companies in Zuora’s index actually expanded at a rate of 12%. (*S&P 500 Q2 figure as of September 1, 2020)

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