Scaling Subscription Roundtable with Zuora and Accenture

As you’re aware Subscriptions have provided resilience at key moments of uncertainty, and enthusiasm for these services continues to grow!

However the ability to change, test and experiment is both the imperative and secret to success for all subscription businesses whether you’re in tech, publishing, ott, membership, retail, gaming, or manufacturing.

Have you;

  • Built your own billing system?
  • Extended your ERP?
  • Deployed a point of billing solution?

Is there still;

  • A lack of functionality?
  • Is it difficult to customise?
  • Are you worried that your system cannot scale or sustain future growth?

Are you;

  • Optimizing to increase subscribers and drive growth?
  • Ramping, expanding and scaling your business through automation?
  • Trying to create a frictionless subscription experience that drives competitive advantage?

Join Robbie Traube, President/Chief Revenue Officer, and experts for breakfast as you and your company embark on your journey to optimise the subscriber experience while monetising audiences at scale.

You will also get insights from CustomerX on how they worked with Zuora to optimise their subscriber experiences while Accenture shares best practices on how to operate with agility & speed, creating new subscriber experiences that drive competitive advantage.

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