The worldwide spread of COVID-19 has had a quick and damaging effect on the global economy. But amidst operational disruptions, supply chain restrictions, and a global recession, some subscription businesses are proving to be resilient, with 47.7% of companies not seeing a significant impact to subscriber acquisition rates — and 20% actually seeing an accelerated subscription growth rate.

SaaS companies are seeing varied impact depending on industry. For example, eLearning software is experiencing an accelerated growth rate and Communication Software is showing limited impact — while Software for Small Businesses are among the 16.9% of companies that are seeing continued growth, but at a slower rate.

In this kit, we’ve curated a library of best practices and real life use cases to help SaaS companies navigate these unprecedented times.

The SaaS COVID-19 Survival Kit includes the following resources:

  1. SaaS Impact Report: COVID-19 March 2020 Edition
  2. Subscription Impact Report: COVID-19 April 2020 Edition
  3. Subscription Impact Report: COVID-19 May 2020 Edition
  4. 6 COVID-19 Survival Tips for Subscription Businesses
  5. Lessons in Resilience from the Software Industry
  6. Lincoln Murphy on SaaS Companies and Customer Success Amidst COVID-19 (Podcast)
  7. A Guide to Subscription Business Resiliency: 4 Ways Subscription Models Will Protect Your Business
  8. Subscribed Institute Benchmark: Subscription Suspend/Resume and The Impact on Churn

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