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Revenue Operations Beyond ASC 606 Adoption

Revenue Recognition Summit 2017

No matter where you are on the ASC 606 adoption journey, you need to be looking ahead into the future.

At the 2017 Revenue Recognition Summit, EY Partner Jeff Johnson spoke about what companies need to be planning on after they have adopted the new revenue guidance. The session was so well received that we decided to bring it you as an on-demand webinar!

Johnson dives into the details and shares insights on:

  • Three different approaches to performing transactional accounting and their different post-adoption implications
  • Data requirements and the need for improved data quality
  • Why adopting ASC 606 / IFRS 15 is a great opportunity to evaluate the maturity of your revenue accounting operation
  • And lots more!

This webinar is guaranteed to be useful for all companies at any point in the adoption journey!


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Jeff Johnson of EY on "Revenue Operations Beyond Adoption"

RevRec Summit 2017: Revenue Operations Beyond Adoption