A Tale of Three Cities: Life After Revenue Automation

Accelerate your revenue operations with Zuora RevPro

Zuora RevPro, our industry-leading revenue recognition automation software, has helped more than a hundred companies of all sizes and industries--and with almost as many individual requirement scenarios--work towards meeting goals of automation and compliance.

High-tech companies face a number of challenges automating revenue recognition guidance, including:

  • Managing and automating contract modifications
  • Calculating and allocating standalone selling price (SSP)
  • Grouping and ungrouping contracts into performance obligations (POBs)
  • Real-time visibility into revenue reporting
  • Automating tedious manual processes to reduce spreadsheet errors

Sound familiar? In this new ebook, we will introduce you to

  • A revenue manager who increased operational efficiency through automation at a large public company
  • A revenue director at a fast-growing, pre-IPO SaaS startup who tightened controls and enabled the company to go public
  • A VP/Controller at a small, privately-held company who enabled better strategic decisions and improved access to real-time data

In each of these cases--based on real-life situations--we will show how Zuora RevPro was able to address their challenges and make life easier for everyone involved in the revenue processes.

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