Reinventing Your Finance Function for Your Subscription Business

With a subscription model, there are new demands on finance teams. It’s not just about AR, AP, and closing the books. It’s also managing complex billing and rev rec scenarios, accessing essential subscription metrics, dealing with ever-changing pricing and packaging models and tax laws, and more.

At the same time as finance is getting more complex due to subscriptions, we’re seeing that finance teams aren’t always keeping pace with these new expectations. Instead, across too many businesses, the finance function is still often characterized by siloed systems, outdated methods, and spreadsheet hell. Essentially we see too many finance teams trying to shoehorn their business into systems that were built for an old paradigm.

Today’s finance teams need to be more agile, more efficient, and better aligned with business strategy.

In this webinar, Mike Rinehart, VP and Corporate Controller at Avalara and Paolo Battaglini, VP of Finance and CAO at Zuora, join forces to discuss how finance can meet the demands of a complex subscription business.

Topics covered include:

  • Finance for a subscription business – the fundamental differences in billing, collections, tax, rev rec, metrics, and more
  • How finance supports the subscriber relationship
  • The “New Finance”
  • How siloed systems, spreadsheets, and ERPs are hurting your subscription business
  • Starting small and ramping up your finance systems to build a solid finance infrastructure

Join Avalara and Zuora on December 19, 9:30am -10:15am, to find out how the finance function has been irrevocably changed by subscriptions.

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