Reconciling Revenue Growth with Sustainability Initiatives

It’s easy to see why some companies (Carbar, Decathlon and Philips) are already embracing circular, subscription-based innovations to ensure their continued financial growth and relevance, while still delivering on their commitment to sustainability.

However for many others, the business of growth doesn’t appear easy to align with sustainability. But all is not lost! Through subscriptions, usership and conscious product design, businesses can reconcile both their need for revenue growth and sustainability initiatives.

You’ll walk away knowing:

–> How to assess the potential for circular business opportunities, regardless of where you are in your ‘journey’

–> Which business model will help monetise value in a viable and sustainable way

–> Lessons learned from sustainable first-movers!

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Nickolas Cherrier

APAC Chair of the Subscribed Institute

Nick Gonios

Co-Founder & CEO