Why you need to incorporate AI into your payment fraud protection

Person holding a credit card while working on a laptop.

Payment fraud has always been a cat and mouse game: technology advances, fraudsters adapt, and the cycle continues. But imagine if we could stay one step ahead using AI.  With cyber-fraudsters becoming progressively sophisticated, relying solely on traditional fraud detection methods is no longer adequate. AI has the potential to enhance fraud detection and prevention […]

Customer Webinar Series

On-Demand Webinars March 2024 Customer Webinars Maximize Business Revenue through Streamlined Payment Operations (March 21, 2024)In today’s business environment, growing revenue can be challenging, especially with consumer reluctance to adopt new services or maintain subscriptions. Every failed payment or decline directly impacts cash flow and revenue. To mitigate these issues, companies must streamline their payment processes […]

Live Demo: Zuora for Consumption

Webinar – OnDemand Live Demo: Zuora for Consumption Consumption models are becoming more valuable and relevant as companies are adapting their offerings to provide more flexibility for their customers. Whether companies are experimenting with AI offerings or simply attempting to lower adoption barriers for customers, consumption monetization can be a strategic lever for efficient growth.During […]

Optimize Your Digital Payment Strategy

Webinar – OnDemand Simplify & Succeed: Optimize Your Digital Payment Strategy Building a resilient payment infrastructure in today’s digital landscape poses distinct challenges, especially for subscription-driven enterprises. These challenges span from selecting the optimal gateway and payment methods to orchestrating their implementation and ensuring a robust structure for continuous growth.  But the question lingers: Is […]

How to Combat Payment Fraud & Maximize Retention

Webinar – OnDemand Lunch on Zuora: How to Combat Payment Fraud & Maximize Retention Criminal fraud is getting increasingly sophisticated in exploiting digital sales channels for their gains. And traditional fraud prevention is not only proving to be ineffective at intercepting fraud, but introduces friction in ways that not only turns away potential customers, but […]

Payment Fraud in the Age of Generative AI and Risks to Subscription Companies

Webinar – OnDemand Payment Fraud in the Age of Generative AI and Risks to Subscription Companies The world of payments is changing. More and more transactions are shifting to digital formats, and consumers are embracing a new idea of ownership based on recurring payments. However, this shift opens opportunities for fraudsters to exploit payment fraud […]

Customer Best Practice Series – Session 3

Event – OnDemand Customer Best Practice Series Maximize Subscriber Retention Tune into this session to learn more about how to prevent involuntary churn with improved payment success rates through Zuora Payments’ Smart Retry and Zuora Fraud Protection. Learn more about Zuora Payments and Fraud Protection. The world’s leading enterprises run on Zuora. With Zuora running […]