The Ultimate Guide To B2C Subscription Customer Acquisition – Thank You

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STRATEGIC GUIDANCE The ultimate guide to B2C subscription customer acquisition Learn winning strategies for customer acquisition, segmentation, messaging, conversion optimization, and building a loyal
subscriber community. Explore the guide Click the links below to read more about the 
topics that interest you most. 01Segments for subscription success02Crafting compelling messaging03Reaching customers where they are04Conversion optimization05Building a subscription […]

The 4-question test: A strategic guide to customer-led growth

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By David Warren, Principal Director at Subscribed Institute   Retaining customers is a top priority for any subscription-based business. But truly understanding and catering to their needs goes beyond intuition. It requires a strategic framework that delves deeper into the nuances of customer behavior and preferences. We use and promote a four-question test that unlocks […]

The Right Offer for Every User

ZEPHR: SUBSCRIBER EXPERIENCE The Right Offer for Every User Zephr helps you deeply understand your customers, rapidly experiment with subscriber journeys, and create targeted offers that drive customer lifetime value. The world’s most innnovate companies build, run, and grow with Zuora Move fast, learn fast Rapidly experiment with dynamic subscription journeys — no code required. […]

The Shift Towards Flexible Payment Systems in the Digital Age

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Revolutionizing Customer Transactions Andreas Martin, Sr Director, Solutions Management for B2C, shares his insights into the changing world of customer payments. Businesses across the board are undergoing a significant paradigm shift in how they approach customer transactions. This transformation transcends the mere adoption of new technologies; it marks a fundamental change in strategy to accommodate […]

Streaming Media Trends 2024: Super Bundles, Niche Content & Personalization

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The evolving landscape of streaming media in 2024 Super bundles, niche content & data-driven personalization The streaming media landscape is undergoing a dynamic transformation, fueled by a confluence of factors: evolving consumer behavior, technological advancements, and strategic innovations by platforms. In this article, we’ll delve into the key trends shaping the industry today.   Super […]

Streaming Media Trends 2024: Navigating Growth and Challenges in a Saturated Market

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Trends and emerging questions in streaming media in 2024 The streaming media industry isn’t just experiencing explosive growth; it’s also undergoing a strategic metamorphosis. As the digital landscape shifts beneath their feet, streaming services are adapting and innovating at an unprecedented pace. This article dives into the strategic changes and emerging challenges that platforms face […]

Acquisition Strategies for Modern Media: Transitioning from Print to Digital

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3 Creative Acquisition Strategies for Print-to-Digital Publishers   “The most effective retention strategy is a really good acquisition strategy. If we want to improve retention, we have to be better at acquisition. It doesn’t just mean pumping up the numbers, it means looking at the customer lifetime value.” – Denise Warren, Former President of Digital […]

Leveraging First-Party Data for Audience Growth and Personalization

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The quest for audience growth has become increasingly complex, yet the solution remains rooted in something quite fundamental: data. Not just any data, but first-party data, a treasure trove of insights directly from your audience. As we navigate through this post-cookie world, understanding and utilizing first-party data has never been more crucial. The digital ecosystem’s […]

Zuora’s H1 2024 Product Roadmap – On Demand

Webinar – OnDemand Roundtable: Rev Rec Automation for Complex Use Cases (CPE available) According to Zuora’s latest survey, 74% of revenue accounting teams perform manual interventions on a daily basis to process transactions. These teams typically rely on a combination of spreadsheets and native ERP capabilities for revenue recognition, which results in never-ending customizations, elevated […]

Unlocking SEO Secrets. Insights from Kyle Roof. The Subscription Think Tank Podcast

UNLEASH THE POWER OF SEO Inside the Mind of an SEO Expert: Kyle Roof Reveals Top Strategies and Google Insights Master the Art of Search Engine Optimization with Expert Tips and Fundamentals Listen Now and Boost Your Website’s SEO Performance! Welcome to the next episode in our Subscription Think Tank series! In this episode, we’ll […]