Product Catalog Optimization

Impact on B2B Subscription Growth

Building long-term relationships with customers is the route to value in the subscription economy. Yet the Order to Revenue (OTR) process at most B2B companies—even those with subscription businesses—is optimized for linear transactions, not relationships. This results in complexity and cost to the provider and a poor experience for the subscriber.

The Subscribed Institute collaborated with McKinsey & Company to analyze our Subscription Economy Benchmark data to identify the key OTR design elements of successful enterprise B2B companies. Our research found that when designing an OTR process, one of the most important choices revolves around the offering architecture or product portfolio.

In this landmark report, you will find data and key findings that illustrate:

  • How the number of unique products sold impacts revenue growth
  • Data comparison of high-growth and low-growth companies
  • And how to optimize your product catalog to drive revenue

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