Prezi: Shift to Subscriptions

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About the Video

Zuora helps high-growth companies such as Prezi launch new products with flexible pricing and packaging that enables them to scale quickly and enter new markets.
Prezi wanted to enter the B2B market with a new product called “Prezi Business” but their homegrown billing system needed to scale and manage the complexity of B2B enterprise accounts. Zuora’s subscription management platform helps Prezi easily try new pricing and packaging to accelerate the sales cycle. We also help them collect electronic payments, accept different currencies and simplify revenue recognition.

Replacing the whole pricing and packaging engine with Zuora gives us a lot more flexibility and allows us to test and iterate very rapidly. When you're releasing a new product, you're never quite sure what's going to resonate with the end user. What we're now able to do is create different bundles with different feature groups at different prices. We're able to see how users interact and choose the optimum set of packages to increase conversion and yield.

Doug Ireland, VP of Finance at Prezi