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Quote to Cash Excellence for Subscription Success

Presented by the Subscribed Institute

What makes the road from quote to cash so complex for X-as-a-Service companies that are looking to increase their recurring revenue? How do some companies get it right and others lag behind? The answer is in the data.

After studying hundreds of subscription companies, we’ve identified the critical traits that define best-in-class QTC.

The Subscribed Institute collaborated with McKinsey & Company to analyze how subscription companies can better design and rapidly transform their QTC processes to support high growth and a better user experience.

We’ll unpack it all in on Tuesday, October 13th at 9am PT / 12pm ET in a webinar designed for high tech companies who are driving scalable, high-growth recurring revenue streams for their subscription businesses. We’ll be joined by Amy Konary, Chair of the Subscribed Institute at Zuora, Richelle Deveau, Partner, McKinsey & Company, and Bibhudatta Dash, Senior Expert, McKinsey & Company. Amy, Richelle, and Dash will share data and insights related to:

  • Framing design choices in the quote to cash process
  • Leveraging data to understand how high-growth companies choose between standardization and flexibility
  • Implications of research on designing a quote to cash process that optimizes for high performance

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