Monetize New Revenue Streams Without Prolonging your Close

As large cap companies innovate in order to ensure market leadership in their respective industries, they eventually find themselves offering a diversified product portfolio generating a broad set of revenue streams. But as businesses execute on these initiatives, develop new business units, and even participate in M&A, they begin running into several bottlenecks that create complexity around their financial close and revenue reporting process. Without a proven revenue recognition system, closing the books not only becomes error-prone, but it becomes a resource-intensive task that restricts the finance department on a quarterly basis. Consolidating revenue data from a variety of complex revenue streams in an attempt to reconcile and report on revenue at period-end is an arduous process.

After powering the rev rec strategy for a variety of industry leaders like Salesforce, Microsoft, and Siemens Healthineers, Zuora has learned how to help the biggest companies in the world avoid their common back-office pitfalls. In this webinar, you’ll hear the experts from Zuora on the strategy and technology needed to close your books up to 50% faster and report on all of your revenue streams in real-time.

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VP, GM of Zuora Revenue

Matt Dobson

SVP, Chief Accounting Officer

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