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Mastering Financial Controls

Enhance Billing Accuracy, Boost Revenue and Lower Audit Fees

The most innovative companies are expanding their revenue streams through the launch of new products, and the monetization of services, data, and other assets. But this creates new downstream challenges and complexities for Finance teams, with a higher risk of human error and thus increased audit fees. To combat this, having strong financial controls is critical!

Join this webinar to learn how the “deal desk” has emerged as the bridge between sales and finance teams, enabling companies to innovate and scale without sacrificing financial controls. 

We will dive into how go-to-market finance leaders can kickstart their deal desk evolution, including topics around:

  • The value of putting guardrails on quoting and implementing automation early
  • How the introduction of product performance metrics can help teams improve targeting and forecasting
  • Why the Finance team should be given more control and visibility, with the deal desk reporting to the office of the CFO

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