Manufacturing Executive Playbook for Business Model Transformation

The Three-Play Framework for Business Model Innovation

Every manufacturing company should aim to reach 20% penetration of new equipment and services sales with recurring solutions within a five-year time horizon.

But currently only 14% of manufacturers say they have created go-to-market IoT strategies (PwC 2017).

That’s because business model innovation is hard — especially without a playbook.

The Manufacturing Executive Playbook for Business Model Transformation, an excerpt from the full book Reaping the Recurring Benefits of Industry 4.0 developed in partnership between Zuora and Roland Berger, provides a three-play framework for manufacturing execs to jumpstart transformation.

Download this playbook to learn how companies like Schneider Electric, Arrow, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, Thales, Hive, and GE Digital are evolving towards customer-centric, recurring revenue models.

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