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Live Demo: Save loyal subscribers from churning using customer-centric insights

If you are a media & entertainment company ready to master digital monetization, acquire and retain more subscribers, and uncover new strategies to prevent churn then join our live demo to see how Zuora can help!

This month, our 30-minute demo will focus specifically on improving customer retention and maximizing collections for your subscription offerings. Many media and entertainment companies do not have the insights on how they are managing collections with their subscribers, which negatively impacts customer retention and leads to passive churn.

Join our live demo on April 22nd to learn how to leverage customer-centric insights and machine learning to save loyal subscribers from churning.

Zuora’s Solution experts will show you how to:

  • Get out-of-the-box customer-centric metrics with Zuora Analytics
  • Retain loyal subscribers with AI-driven payment retries
  • Leverage pre-built workflow templates to automate dunning processes across groups of subscribers

Yash Mahajani

Product Marketing Manager


Neal Schneider

Senior Sales Engineer


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