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Lessons Learned from Revenue Automation Implementations

How To Speed Up Your Days to Close from 15 to 0

The modern digital economy is creating an explosion of new business models that redefine how you track, calculate and report on revenue. Finance leaders today are expected to navigate this fast-developing landscape with no exceptions.

In a straightforward product world, it’s simple. But with newer hybrid business models that contain product sales, subscriptions and consumption based services, revenue recognition quickly becomes quite challenging. With the increased complexity, the risk of errors increases as well and so does the risk of material misstatements!

Tune in to hear lessons learned from senior revenue advisors Taha Doctor and Natasha Palfrey at Zuora.

You will learn:

  • What are the biggest hurdles on the road to revenue automation?
  • How to tackle current and future compliance requirements?
  • How to drive business value with strategic revenue insights?

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