Lessons from ASC 606

What we learned in working with our customers on implementation of 606, and lessons moving forward

The rush to meet the 2019 FASB date for ASC 606 compliance has come and gone. After having a seat at the table on many major 606-enablement projects, we learned 6 major lessons. These learnings are helping customers define their next steps to unlock more revenue and prepare for what’s next.

Tune in to hear our revenue experts, CPAs, and former accountants talk about the secrets of success that came out of 606, a new pain point that is cropping up, and how companies are growing their revenue faster to stay further ahead of their competition.

Join us and hear more about:

  • Lessons on “the data”
  • Netsuite’s Important role in best of breed finance architectures
  • Rules-based approaches for automation

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Travis Huch

VP of Alliances

Karthikeyan Ramamoorthy

SVP, Product GM of Zuora Revenue


VP, GM of Zuora Revenue

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