The worldwide spread of COVID-19 has had a quick and damaging effect on the global economy. But amidst operational disruptions, supply chain restrictions, and a global recession, some subscription businesses are proving to be resilient, with 47.7% of companies not seeing a significant impact to subscriber acquisition rates — and 20% actually seeing an accelerated subscription growth rate.

According to subscription economy data, 16.9% of companies are seeing slowing growth — that is, they continue to grow, but at a slower rate. Both Consumer IoT and Business IoT services fall into this “slowing” category.

In this kit, we’ve curated a library of best practices and real life use cases to help business and consumer IoT companies navigate these challenging times and keep driving towards digital transformation.

The IoT Subscription COVID-19 Survival Kit includes the following resources:

  1. IoT Subscription Impact Report: COVID-19 March 2020 Edition
  2. Subscription Impact Report: COVID-19 April 2020 Edition
  3. Subscribed Impact Report: COVID-19 May 2020 Edition
  4. Subscribed Institute Benchmark: Subscription Suspend/Resume and the Impact on Churn
  5. 6 COVID-19 Survival Tips for Subscription Businesses
  6. Chuck Martin, NYT Best Selling Author of Digital Transformation 3.0: The New Business-to-Consumer Connections of Internet of Things on the Impact of COVID-19 on IoT Businesses
  7. HP Is Doubling Down on Customer Relationships with Subscriptions
  8. A Guide to Subscription Business Resiliency: 4 Ways Subscription Models Will Protect Your Business

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