Innovate Fast with a Modern Subscription Billing System

Now more than ever, companies are identifying billing and revenue operations as a key lever to innovate quickly, scale, move upmarket, support more channels, achieve a higher volume of orders, and expand into new regions while keeping customers at the center of their business.
Join the Zuora team and Dave Storer, Controller & VP at ConstructConnect as he shares some of the challenges they faced as well as best practices when modernizing their billing system, including:

  • Growth: Enable and operationalize future growth strategies that support current scale as well as serve point-in-time requirements (product catalog, M&A integration)
  • Scalable flexibility: reducing configuration of payment frequency and terms
  • More than just invoicing: a subscription management platform to power automated renewals, deeper insights
  • Implementation best practices: avoiding pitfalls with staffing, execution, and phasing

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David Warren

Principal Director, Subscribed Institute

Dave Storer

Controller & VP

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