Webinar | ondemand

Improve Business Decisions with Customer-Centric Insights

Technology companies need to learn a new language entirely to manage the shift to recurring revenue, and this includes a brand new set of subscription metrics. Join our live demo to learn how Zuora’s platform increases the visibility companies need into the end-to-end subscription lifecycle in order to uncover new growth opportunities and make data-driven decisions with customer-centric insights.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Generate and track an invoice
  • Forecast and recognize revenue
  • Access customer-centric insights with Zuora Analytics

You’ll see a comprehensive demo on how technology companies can quickly generate invoices, forecast revenue, and create valuable insights across the entire subscription lifecycle. We’ll showcase how leading companies like Zoom, Docusign, and Box were able to leverage these subscription metrics as they grew in recurring revenue. Get live feedback on your burning questions about customer-centric analytics and see what it takes to start operationalizing right away.

Yash Mahajani

Product Marketing Manager


Marlon Urias

Senior Sales Engineer