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Healthcare Roundtable: Subscription business models for innovation and growth

June 17, 2021 at 6:15 AM - 7:15 AM CEST

The shift from selling products to services is built on a completely new foundation: new business models, new processes, new technology — and a new corporate and sales culture.

Whether you’re manufacturing medical devices, pharmaceuticals, lab equipment, or consumables — it’s no question that you already excel at technological innovation. But how do you embrace new business models that will allow you to capture recurring revenue and deliver valuable outcomes?

And what are the fundamentals for driving this cultural shift within your organization whilst driving your SERVITIZATION strategy?

Join us for a digital roundtable with healthcare and life sciences experts and learn:

  • How to build alignment and set expectations within your organization for adopting a customer-centric business model
  • How to develop the right “AS-A-SERVICE” model
  • How an "acceptable failure"-concept helps you to optimize your margins and determine your customers’ willingness to pay

You don’t need to get it right today, but you must start today.

Join us and learn what it takes to get subscription-ready and monetize B2B and Direct-to-Patient “AS-A-SERVICE” business models in healthcare.

We hope to see you there!

Frank Foege

Country Manager Germany & Austria


Mohamed Beshir

Managing Director


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