June 9TH 3:00 - 3:45 BST / 4:00 - 4:45 CEST

Maximise Revenue through Financial Solutions as-a-service.

Complement your core offering with value added services built to solve customers' needs to deepen and grow those relationships

It’s never been clearer that the financial services industry needs to reassess every aspect of its business to take back control. Did you know consumers want access to multi services through their bank/insurer? Did you know that if you don’t implement these services you’ll be left behind?

The common factor to a brighter future is a shift to customer-centric practices enabled by what’s now being called the “Subscription Economy.” The ease of access to different products and services (i.e, broadband, energy ,wellness or data storage) through a bank or insurer is the forward thinking strategy to take control.

We’re calling all banks and insurance companies to rethink and gear your offerings to customer - centricity while transforming your revenue/pricing models.
In this event, Michael Mansard, and special guests will share:

  • How the Financial Services Industry can respond to the threat of disruption
  • What tools, business models, go- to-market strategies and services are needed to meet the demands of today’s modern market
  • Hear from Pedro Yuste, Director General Savia (MAPFRE) the largest insurance group in Spain, as they’ve started their Journey to Usership becoming the “Spotify of health”. MAPFRE’s ‘Savia’ is a subscription-based digital platform

We know technological baggage and legacy practices is a thing of the past. We’re hoping you'll be able to tip-toe into — or embrace fully — this new, growth-oriented model no matter what segment you’re in: retail banking, securities services, non-life insurance, and more.