The Great Debate: Build vs Buy

The Zillow Story

With the right subscription billing solution, your IT team becomes integral to business strategy. With the wrong system, IT becomes an order taker and a growth bottleneck.

Tune in to a virtual debate between Zillow VP of Product Development, Issac Sheldon, Finance leader Neil Smith, and Zuora CIO, Alvina Antar. These seasoned subscription billing leaders will share how they evolved a complex back office over the past 6 years to unlock the growth of the entire company.

The Zillow team will discuss:

  • How they aligned multiple product teams, stakeholders and executives to get them bought into a new billing strategy
  • The hidden complexities that come with keeping up with new requirements as your business matures
  • The cost implications a home grown system has on your IT and engineering resources


Isaac Sheldon

Director of Product Development

Neil Smith

Sr. Manager of Financial Applications

Alvina Antar

Chief Information Officer