Tapping into the Subscriber psychology

Is there an optimal ratio between tiers?

This guide is an excerpt of the upcoming book, “Digital Pricing Strategy: Capturing Value from Digital Innovations” by Stephan Liozu and Andreas Hinterhuber, in partnership with Zuora’s Subscribed Institute. You’ll learn critical concepts of Good-Better-Best pricing such as the value and pricing of data, pricing for Industry 4.0, pricing in marketplaces and digital platforms, subscription- and usage-based pricing, and AI-based pricing. You’ll also get the tools to design and deploy these types of pricing strategies for your own business as you shift to new, digital strategies.

How will you determine your pricing and packaging strategies?

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Gaurav Sonpar

Subscription Strategist, Subscribed Strategy Group

michael mansard

Principal Director, EMEA Chair of the Subscribed Institute