#ShiftHappens Ep 7: IT’s Influence on Revenue

#ShiftHappens with Reena Tiwari

About the Video

Historically IT was about people, processes, and technology -- but the new IT has its eye on revenue as well. As part of the #ShiftHappens “The IT Factor” series, Symantec's Sr. Director, Digital Transformation and SaaS Platform, Reena Tiwari sits down with Zuora’s VP of Digital Transformation, North America Neej Parikh to talk about about how IT is moving from back-office application management to the forefront to deliver real value.

It’s not just about people, process,’s also revenue. In the subscription world, if (IT) keeps an eye on the 4th leg of the stool...that’s when the whole transformation is complete.

Reena Tiwari, Symantec's Sr. Director, IT