#ShiftHappens Ep 2: “Swallowing the Fish” -- The Revenue Impact of Digital Transformation

#ShiftHappens with Craig Hanson

About the Video

Subscription model companies are valued 2-3X higher than one-time transaction sale companies in the public market. As part of the #ShiftHappens “An Investor’s Perspective” series, NextWorld Capital Co-Founder & General Partner Craig Hanson talks to Zuora’s VP of Digital Transformation, North America Neej Parikh about why subscriptions are the model of choice -- from more revenue predictability to greater data insights to drive your business.

The idea of ‘Swallowing the Fish...that whole concept has gone from a peripheral idea 5-10 years ago to one that is now fully embraced in the mainstream and expected, valued and, in some cases, demanded by Wall Street.

Craig Hanson, NextWorld Co-Founder and General Partner