Embracing Future of Consumption

Strategies for Competitive Success

Consumption models are on the rise and it’s crucial for businesses to adapt and respond effectively to this evolving landscape. As your competitors launch consumption models that may surpass your own, it becomes imperative to be able to react quickly and iterate and experiment with your offers to stay ahead.

In this webinar, we will explore the strategies from successful consumption businesses and delve into the ways in which they are addressing potential drawbacks.

Join the experts from Zuora and IDC as they break down:

• How consumption has evolved from usage and the new approach to consumption

• An overview of benchmarks and best practices around four keys to success when deploying a  consumption model:

– Iterating on Pricing & Packaging
– Metering Data for Consumption
– Leveraging consumption data for strategic insight
– Tracking & recognizing consumption revenue

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Mark Thomason


Jonathan Brown

Senior Director, Subscribed Institute

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