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How to eliminate churn to boost growth in Europe

Is your subscription business ready for Europe?

Thinking of international expansion? Curious to understand which of the 200+ alternate payment methods are best suited for your subscription business? Wondering if Europe is ready for the Subscription Economy? Want to learn how Box and The Financial Times mastered payments in Europe and ensured long-term success?

Watch this insightful webinar with Ross Pert, Head of New Business Development at GoCardless to learn about:

  • Why Europe is important in the Subscription Economy (Hint: Outside of North America, Europe has the largest addressable market for subscription products and services)
  • How winning subscribers in Europe is different than in the US (It’s a lot more than changing ‘z’ to ‘s’)
  • What an ideal payment method for subscriptions looks like in Europe (Ever heard of Direct Debit?)
  • How to eliminate involuntary churn and increase revenue (Think credit card declines and expirations)

Watch this webinar and you’ll be ready to take on the European market!

Enjoy the webinar!

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