Convert Free to Paid Subscribers

6 Lessons from The Financial Times, DAZN, and The Seattle Times

Getting consumers to sign up for free offerings has become an easy way for media companies to launch and/or expand content offerings.

But once consumers are signed up for free content, then what?

In our work with a broad range of media companies we’ve identified essential practices to attract, convert, and retain paid subscribers.

In this ebook, we employ use cases from The Financial Times, DAZN, and the Seattle Times to teach you how to:

  • Improve conversions (like the Seattle Times 30% conversion increase)
  • Command — and keep — subscribers’ attention with a multi-layered content strategy, like DAZN
  • Minimize passive churn, like the Seattle Times who saved 62% of digital subscribers from churning
  • Use data to drive digital subscriptions, like the Financial Times who increased digital subscriptions sales by 600% over the course of one weekend!
  • Integrate a subscription management platform with your existing stack to deliver a seamless subscriber experience that positively impacts conversion and retention

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