Connected Device Success Kit: For Business Launch

2020 -> There will be 50B connected devices globally.
2030 -> IoT will reach $14 trillion.
Today -> Are you capitalizing on the opportunities of IoT?

The growing trend of connected devices will affect every aspect of your business, from how you design and develop products and services to how you monetize, market, and sell them.

This Connected Device Success Kit contains the resources you need to successfully make the business shift from products to services:

  1. IoT and the Fall and Rise of Manufacturing
  2. Monetizing the Internet of Things: 7 Questions
  3. Global Fortune 100 Companies Monetizing IoT
  4. The Manufacturing Executive Playbook for Business Model Transformation
  5. 5 Takeaways for OEMs Considering Subscriptions
  6. New Manufacturing Success Metrics
  7. Ford: A Story of Freedom and Transformation
  8. Caterpillar Case Study Video
  9. Arrow Case Study

Thank you!

Access the kit resources below.