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The Climb

How to Build a Billion Dollar Company

How do you build a billion-dollar business? As the first CMO of Salesforce.com, Tien Tzuo was instrumental in transforming that landmark company from ten people in a room to a billion-dollar run-rate. As the co-founder and CEO of Zuora, Tien has raised a quarter of a billion dollars and grown his company to over 1000 employees and counting. So far, so good.

Creating an enduring corporate enterprise isn’t a linear process. It’s a climb, with switchbacks along the way. At every turn, your company becomes a new organization, with new priorities and new perils. And the things that made it successful in the last stage may actually hold it back from succeeding in the next one.

So what are the phases that define the path to a billion, what are the things that you need to work on in each phase? Join Tien as he breaks down the climb.

You'll learn:

  • Key revenue milestones and the priorities they entail
  • Red flags to watch out for, and distractions to avoid
  • How to prove an idea, a product, a market, a model and an industry

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