A VC Approach to Product Frameworks

In this episode, Dave Bottoms, General Manager & VP of Product at Upwork, unveils his venture capitalist approach to building robust product frameworks, as well as shares his secrets to balancing customer feedback with innovation and building a growth team focused on ROI.

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Building Better Products: The Role of Innovation and Collaboration

In this episode, Noah Manger, Group Product Manager at Zapier, discusses his collaborative operating practices aimed at boosting productivity. Learn how to foster continuous improvement while avoiding delays caused by waiting for other teams to complete their tasks.
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Navigating Cultural Shifts and Leadership in Acquisitions

In this episode, Rupali Jain, Chief Product Officer at Optimizely, delves into the pivotal role of a Chief Product Officer in driving and adapting to cultural shifts within organizations undergoing transformative changes.
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Enhancing Gameplay through Niantic's Experiment-Driven Approach

In this episode, Mikey Chang, Group Product Manager, reflects on the vast user base and feedback he deals with at Niantic, emphasizing a data-driven approach, A/B testing, and the delicate balance of making incremental changes.
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Product Pioneering: Strategies for Scaling from Ground Zero

In this episode, Vrushali Paunikar, Chief Product Officer at Carta, shares with us why she’s a disciple of Luca Pacioli, how to get buy-in for products from your CEO, and how she got the green light for what is now a $100 million fund admin business.
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LLM Ops: Turnkey Solutions for End-to-End Support

In this episode, Saumil Shrivastava, Director of Product Management on the AI Platform Team at Microsoft, shares with us how to enable customers to quickly and seamlessly build LLM applications.
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Beyond Rapid Shipping: Thoughtful Product Development

In this episode, Avantika Gomes, Group Product Manager at Figma, shares with us why shipping fast isn’t always the answer, how to build products for an expanding audience, why collaboration is key to getting things done, and so much more.