Central Platform Flipbook

Extend, integrate, and orchestrate subscriptions from the Central Platform

The Central Platform allows companies to extend, integrate, and orchestrate all aspects of a subscription business from a single platform. Developers can use platform capabilities to build upon Zuora’s existing applications – Zuora Billing, Zuora RevPro, Zuora Collect, Zuora CPQ – for their unique subscription business.

This flipbook contains real-world Central Platform use cases that Zuora customers use to run their business today:

  • Sign Up and Provisioning: Manage access such as granting, revoking, or modifying access to the ongoing service from a single place.
  • Order-to-Revenue: Automate financial processes as late fees, overage charges, and other revenue milestones throughout a subscription lifecycle.
  • Communication: Communicate subscription updates, invoices, and transaction confirmations to customers from a single hub.
  • Data Integration: Integrate with 3rd party systems to keep sales, service, and finance teams up-to-date with the latest subscription information.

Want to try out the platform yourself? Download the Platform Flipbook and get started by signing up at labs.zuora.com.

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