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Avoid Financial Restatement Risks with Real-Time Revenue Reporting

As businesses prepare for an IPO and execute on new growth initiatives as publicly traded companies, they need to reimagine the systems supporting their level of scale, particularly when it comes to revenue recognition. Whether it’s launching a new product, adjusting pricing, or adding a sales channel, every growth initiative creates complexity around contract modifications, SSP allocations, and never-ending revenue reconciliations. Instead of passing audits with ease, growing businesses are under the pressure of manually reconciling numbers every period and then accurately reporting on them. This often results in a set of ongoing adjusting journal entries (AJEs) and increased risks of financial restatements. Whether it’s due to impending deadlines around 10-K filings, IFRS 15/ASC 606 disclosure requirements or an earnings call, every company that is either gearing for an IPO or has recently gone public faces an extra pair of eyes from their auditors and investors.

A successful progression through the IPO journey starts with a revenue recognition strategy that can support any go-to-market initiative and ease the compliance pressures on a finance department. Join this webinar to hear the experts discuss how Zuora Revenue allows businesses to establish a scalable revenue recognition system that can minimize their risk of financial restatements through a real-time reporting process.

Revenue Recognition Advisor

Luba Ignatova



Richard Veysey


Director of Finance Operations and Global Billing

Moshe Sarusi


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