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How To Turn Your New Recurring Services Into Cash

Zuora for Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies introducing parallel recurring revenue streams have to prove out an entirely new business model with their experiments. You invest a lot of time and money and your CFO wants to see results -- not that it just works, but that it can also bring cash in the door too and prove ROI.

We’ve spoken to many manufacturers who delay sending invoices for their new services and find themselves offering free services years later -- unable to monetize their efforts. They realize it’s complicated when you have a network of partners and channels who all take a piece of the pie.

Join our live demo to see how Manufacturers turn their experiments into cash by:

  • Sending invoices on day 1, so you don’t leave money on the table
  • Tailoring invoices for any 3rd party partner and channel relationship
  • Analyzing usage data from your invoices to further improve your experiments and pricing strategy

You’ll see a live demo on how manufacturers can start collecting cash from their recurring revenue experiments right from the get-go

Natalie Louie

Senior Director, Product Marketing


Leon Liu

Senior Sales Engineer


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