Learn from Aprio’s ASC 606 adoption experience

Ensure Smoother Adoption by Learning from the Experts

At Zuora’s recent RevRec Roadshow in Atlanta, Jagruti Solanki, Senior Manager at Aprio, and Jenn Meehan, Senior Sales Engineer at Zuora shared insightful learnings from Aprio’s ASC 606 adoption experience.

We knew those who missed the session would really benefit from it. So, we decided to bring it to you as an on-demand webinar!

It’s a unique opportunity to learn more about:

  • ASC 606 and the various use cases
  • Required timeline to implement automation
  • Implementation insights from Aprio
  • Possible implementation issues
  • Areas that will be impacted with the most significant changes

This is a must-watch webinar for companies going through the ASC 606 adoption process.

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