The Art of Agile IT: How to Blend Legacy and Cloud-Based Solutions

Learn to Build and Manage Modern Technology Infrastructure

The new Enterprise IT has to operate effectively in two worlds. First is the legacy world of applications and architecture, which has a slow “iterative” mindset and culture. The second is a new word of cloud-based apps and disruptive technologies that deliver fast and impactful change for business.

The modern enterprise must figure out how to keep both these worlds together. Yet, most businesses, especially large established enterprises, have struggled to do both well.

There’s an opportunity to leverage your Mergers & Acquisitions practice as a practical way to implement a dual-prong IT strategy. This introductory guide walks through the formula to do this.

Read the guide to learn:

  • How IT can be both agile and traditional using a dual prong strategy

  • How your Mergers & Acquisitions practice can serve as a test platform

  • How to shift people, processes, and technology efficiently


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