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Accelerating Business Agility with ‘XaaS’

Marathon or Sprint?

Over the past five years, the adoption of Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) has been emerging as a strategic imperative for companies to accelerate innovation and maintain business agility beyond the classic software environment.

B2B and Industrial pioneers are already reaping the benefits of this transformation (Caterpillar, Cisco, Xerox, Schneider Electric, etc.). However, many OEMs today still lack the confidence to deliver on the XaaS promise and have impeded the growth of their business.

Half the battle is to get started. What do you do first? What is the first move internally and externally?

We unpack it all with Mailin Jappé, Director of Special Projects at Acer, and Dominique Hess, Country Manager, Switzerland at Zuora to learn:

  • How to deliver a viable maturity assessment to achieve subscription success
  • Initial steps to create alignment across your organisation and break down functional silos
  • How to approach financing for XaaS solutions

If you have barely started or only scratched the surface, this webinar is a must-attend event for you!

Director of Special Projects

Mailin Jappé

Acer Europe SA

Country Manager

Dominique Hess