7 Ways to Sell Subscriptions

Freemium, logic, giving it away as a gift—what are the best tactics around selling subscriptions?

According to John Warrillow, Founder of The Value Builder System and author of the bestselling book The Automatic Customer: Creating a Subscription Business In Any Industry, “Consumers are aware that a subscription relationship is much more valuable to you than a onetime purchase. So to get them to commit you’ll need to give them a big return on their investment. A consumer with an acute case of subscription fatigue is unlikely to subscribe just to save 10%, but he/she might be convinced to subscribe if you could make a case that she will enjoy 10 times the value of the alternative.”

So, what are the best methods for selling subscriptions? Read our guide to learn about several different strategies, including:

  • Appealing to customers with logic/good old rationale

  • Offering customers an ultimatum

  • Offering customers the freemium plan to get them in the door

  • Offering your subscription as a gift

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