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The 6 Core Flexible Consumption Business Capabilities

The Deloitte Flexible Consumption Business Model Series

​Does your company have the capabilities, skills, and knowledge needed to support consumption-based models in an as-a-service economy?

Technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) companies are currently in the midst of a fundamental shift to flexible consumption in which customers are able to access, consume, and pay for offers and services based on need and usage.

To make a successful transition, companies will not only have to change how they deliver their offerings but also determine what new capabilities, skills, and knowledge they will need.

This report from Deloitte provides a framework for assessing your capacity to move to a flexible consumption model.

Topics include:

  • The benefits of unbundling…or rebundling
  • Building customer success in a flexible consumption world
  • Implications of the shift to flexible consumption on sales: training, compensation, and incentivizing channel partners
  • Managing and simplifying new billing arrangements and structures
  • Contract compliance monitoring

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