5 Tips for Turning Customers into Advocates

Looking to transform customers into loyal brand advocates? Here's how to do it.

According to Chad Horenfeldt, VP of Customer Success at Influitive, “Customer advocates are the lifeblood of organizations: they will bring you new business, provide you with honest feedback and speak on your behalf to anyone that will listen. Keep this one main goal of creating advocates in your thoughts and heart, and you will have the drive that you need to tackle the biggest challenges that come at you.”

So, what’s the secret behind turning new customers into brand evangelists? Read this guide and learn how to:

  • Always be responsive to your customers, even when you don’t have the time to be

  • Make each and every customer a top priority

  • Hold yourself and your organization accountable for accidents and mistakes

  • Constantly be educating your customers and potential customers, even if/when they’re an expert

  • Pat your customers on the back when they demonstrate excellence when using your product

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