The 4 Blind Spots of ERP

At the heart of the subscription model lies the idea of monetizing a long term recurring customer relationship.

Traditional order management, ERP, and accounting systems were never designed to monetize, manage and measure recurring relationships. They were built to monetize items. A new breed of systems is emerging, systems that are designed to monetize, manage, and measure recurring relationships. When a company decides to adopt a subscription business model in order to monetize long term recurring relationships, it creates a major shift across four core areas of how a business is run. It creates a need for new systems to augment ERP systems to handle the complexities that ERP systems were just not built to handle.

By reading this whitepaper, you’ll discover how without a system like Zuora to supplement an ERP application in the subscription economy:

  • GMs and business leaders find their growth strategies limited by ERP systems, resulting in lost revenue potential.
  • Finance operations teams resort to manual processes and spreadsheets when they don't have the right systems of record, resulting in operational inefficiencies.
  • IT leaders spend precious dollars and significant amounts of time and development resources to force ERP applications to meet the needs of the business.
  • The data model within ERP systems makes it impossible to measure the value of recurring relationships, creating challenges for planning and decision-making.

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