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12 Data Driven Monetization Strategies

The Subscription Economy is everywhere, from B2C to B2B. And the numbers prove the point: according to the Subscription Economy Index (SEI), in the past eight years, subscription businesses have grown about 18% year over year. Making this shift to services requires you to look at your B2B business with fresh eyes.

To help, we are pleased to invite you to the release of the 12 Data Driven Monetization Strategies for B2B. The framework includes six practices that can be adapted from the B2C world (“borrowed” from those companies whose DNA is in selling direct to consumers), and six practices that pose new opportunities specifically for B2B companies. These 12 lessons are driven by Zuora’s unique data set and concrete subscription business examples.

We will share data and insights related to:

  • Successful monetization strategies from Spotify, Zoom, Atlassian, Fender Play, Slack, Apple, Airbus, and more. For example, learn how Spotify drove 87% of its revenue from paid subscribers.
  • Why you have to give your subscribers control. Companies that let subscribers suspend their subscription when needed save approximately one in six additional customers!
  • The importance of metric-based vs flat-fee pricing
  • Monetizing an ecosystem to generate additional recurring revenue streams
  • Aligning with channel partners around a subscription model
  • How enabling subscription flexibility drives conversion, adoption, expansion, and retention

Enjoy the webinar!