10 Reasons Manufacturers Should Get Started with Subscriptions Today

A guide to jumpstarting digital transformation

“It is never too late to innovate, but the space might be crowded when you get there, if you’re a slow mover. My advice is to roll up your sleeves, bring the right experts to help you, and get it done now.”- Stephan Liozu, Senior Strategist, Manufacturing, Zuora

Recurring revenue business models have begun to penetrate the B2B and industrial world, and yet many manufacturers have yet to launch.

In this ebook, Stephan Liozu, Senior Strategist, Manufacturing at Zuora, explores the top 10 reasons why manufacturers should start their “journey to usership” today and how best to embrace the opportunities of digital transformation.

Topics include:

  • What industrial leaders like Caterpillar, Honeywell, and Siemens have in common
  • Leveraging your installed base
  • The shift to ownership and OPEX business models
  • Getting out of the “price erosion spiral”
  • The new diversified manufacturing ecosystem

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