Unified data for informed decisions

Unlock a treasure trove of data you already have when you leverage Zuora Warehouse with BYOW (Bring Your Own Warehouse) technology to blend data from multiple sources and use it through your Zuora Services.

Know Now

Stay ahead of the curve with reporting and analytics tools to understand today’s landscape and project tomorrow’s.
Imagine bringing together all the information needed across your IT ecosystem to have a 360 degree view of your customer AND being able to spot macro trends to drive your decisions. Today’s business environment demands the rationalization of IT infrastructure and integrations to be coupled with tools which are easy for users to pick up quickly.

Data operations

Because merely collecting data won’t turn it into actionable insight, Zuora helps you operationalize it. 
  • Zuora Warehouse lets you use our Warehouse or bring your own to Zuora’s embedded tools for analytics and workflow operations.
  • Choose the refresh rate option that suits your use cases, from once a day to near-real time.

Reporting & analytics

Get the metrics and insights you need in the places it matters most.
  • Native reporting and simple-to-use UI report building gives business users access to the reports they need daily.
  • Hyper-performance queries on a massive scale let your business get fast insight into the metrics that move your business.

Easily connect, scale, and deploy alongside the wider monetization systems architecture.

Deploy Faster

Monitor mission critical activity and accelerate deployments for new product launches, new geographic expansions, and iterative changes.

Connect Everything

Eradicate silos and dead-end processes with tools to easily integrate systems so critical data gets where it needs to go.

Transact More

Tear down obstacles in the way of commerce, with tools to provide frustration-free experiences even at peak volumes.

Remove Risk

Let go of anxiety and uncertainty with tools to enforce controls and audit your business globally.

Zuora Platform Data Connectors

Amazon Athena logo featuring an orange and white graphic with a stack of rectangular blocks next to the text "amazon ATHENA" in black font.
Amazon Aurora logo with the text "amazon AURORA" next to a blue and dark blue hexagonal icon.
Logo of Amazon Aurora MySQL, featuring a blue hexagonal graphic next to the Amazon Aurora text and the MySQL text below it.
Logo of Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, featuring a blue hexagonal graphic on the left and the text "Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL" on the right.
Amazon Redshift logo featuring a stylized blue hexagonal column graphic next to the word "amazon" in lowercase black letters.
The image shows the Amazon RDS logo, featuring a blue, cylindrical hexagonal shape with the words "amazon RDS" in black text to the right.
The image shows the Amazon S3 logo, featuring a red abstract cube design next to the text "amazon s3".
Logo of Databricks with a red icon consisting of three stacked layers on the left and the text “Databricks” on the right.
Google BigQuery logo with a hexagonal blue icon featuring a magnifying glass over a bar graph, followed by the text "Google BigQuery" in gray.
Google Cloud Storage logo featuring a blue hexagon with a white storage icon, followed by the text "Google Cloud Storage.
Logo of Microsoft Azure Blob Storage with the text in blue and an icon of a hexagon containing binary digits '1' and '0'.
Logo of Microsoft SQL Server, featuring the text "Microsoft SQL Server" and a stylized red and white icon resembling a server.
The PostgreSQL logo featuring a stylized blue elephant head beside the text "PostgreSQL" in black and blue letters.
The image shows the MySQL logo, which features the word "MySQL" with a stylized dolphin above it.
The image shows the logo of Snowflake, featuring a blue snowflake icon on the left and the word "snowflake" in blue lowercase letters on the right.

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