Prevent Payment Fraud & Failures

Protect revenue and reduce costs with Zuora's fraud protection and configurable payment retry capabilities. Minimize payment failures and boost payment authorizations.

Secure & reliable payments

Reduce payment fraud and revenue losses

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Advanced fraud protection

Leverage cloud-based, gateway-agnostic fraud protection powered by Microsoft Dynamics.

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Configurable payment retries

Maximize collections with configurable retry schedules and leverage AI-driven algorithms to optimize retries.

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Customer notifications

Attach dunning workflows to retry schedules, keeping customers informed and reducing the risk of payment failures.

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Real-time analytics

Gain insights into fraud trends and declines. Monitor transactions and adjust strategies to minimize payment failures.

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Enhance transaction security

Zuora’s fraud protection solution, powered by Microsoft Dynamics, provide advanced, cloud-based security for your transactions. With continuous monitoring and real-time fraud insights, you can ensure a secure payment environment for your customers.

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Improve payment recovery

Minimize revenue loss from failed payments with Zuora’s configurable payment retry mechanisms. Use AI-driven strategies to optimize retry schedules, reducing the impact of payment failures. Automate customer notifications and tailor retry logic based on customer profiles to maximize payment collections.

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Payment Authorizations

Boost transaction acceptance

Through direct bank partnerships and major payment networks, wrongful rejections are reduced, increasing bank acceptance rates by up to 1.4%. Fraud protection with transaction acceptance booster works with all payment types captured via the Zuora HPM page, such as cards, ACH, SEPA Direct-Debit, etc.

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Minimize transaction fees

Minimize transaction fees by configuring payment failure error messages to identify soft and hard declines to reduce operational losses. Further segment customers to tailor retry logic and allow for experimentation to increase the rate of collections. 

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