Create frictionless access to content

Identify and control how content is accessed with our comprehensive, secure, and access management solution.

Identity and access management is vital

Identity and access management are vital for monetizing content in an effective and secure way. Zephr provides digital publishers and media brands fully GDPR and CCPA compliant access control, at all stages of the subscription journey. Transform identity management from a threat to an opportunity by enhancing sign up and login user experiences.


Seamlessly manage user registrations

Zephr lets you set the rules for your login process, making it easy-to-use and safe. Avoid costly account sharing and decide how users access content by defining login specifications.

Password requirements

Set complexity, length and number of attempts.


Sign in via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and more.

Password-less authentication

Access using secure, personalized links.

Multi-factor verification

Access across different devices and applications.
bundling & unbundling packages

Diversify your subscription packages

Our intuitive platform makes it easier than ever to create, edit, and manage product packages.

Unlock the power of your content by easily unbundling one-size-fits-all subscriptions.

Dynamically create new targeted offerings such as multi-site bundles and unique content groupings based on user attributes to maximize the revenue potential of your content.

federated access

Centrally managed federated access

Zephr lets you set up GDPR compliant federated access that gives key decision-makers the ability to act across the titles of the parent organization.

Reduce administrative overheads, security risks and user frustration in a matter of minutes by providing multi-site access to those that need it.

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