Streamline your order management processes

Manage and track orders seamlessly throughout the customer lifecycle with Zuora's comprehensive order management
solutions. Enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive order solutions

Centralize and streamline orders with Zuora's integrated platform.

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Omni-channel orders

Create new subscriptions within Zuora, ingest orders from quoting, website, apps, service partners, and more.

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Lifecycle management

Make immediate changes without IT involvement. Update products and renew subscriptions throughout the
customer lifecycle.

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Subscription metrics

Track performance with critical metrics like quantity, MRR, TCB, TCV, and ELP and gain insights into billed and unbilled amounts.

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Financial reporting

Provide accurate, compliant accounting and revenue recognition for all orders and changes and ensure accurate reporting.

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Centralize order management

Zuora’s order management solution centralizes orders from all your sources into one easy-to-manage platform. Create new subscriptions directly within Zuora or ingest orders from quoting, websites, apps, and service partners. This centralization reduces complexity and enhances visibility across your entire order lifecycle.

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Simplify lifecycle changes

Manage orders throughout the customer lifecycle with ease. Make immediate or scheduled changes without manual work or IT involvement. Update terms, add or remove products, renew subscriptions, and more. This flexibility ensures you can respond quickly to customer needs and market changes.

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Track subscription metrics

Gain critical insights into your business performance with Zuora’s subscription order metrics. Track key metrics such as quantity, Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), Total Contracted Billing (TCB), Total Contract Value (TCV). Understand the impact of order actions on your overall business health

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Accurate financial reporting

Ensure accurate and compliant financial reporting with downstream financial reporting capabilities. Capture billed and un-billed amounts and future-dated changes. Provide comprehensive reporting for one-time, recurring, and consumption charges, ensuring your financials are always up-to-date and compliant with accounting standards.

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