Consumption Metered Billing

Monetize your services with advanced consumption metering and streamline billing processes to optimize revenue.

Flexible metering & billing

Tailored for your business needs

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Ingest & transform data

Ingest, transform, and meter raw usage data from any source in any format.

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Configure pricing models

Configure out-of-the-box pricing models from pay-as-you-go to bespoke prepaid drawdown or commitment models.

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Real-time rating engine

Unlock continuous visibility for unbilled usage, customer notifications, and more with a near real-time rating engine.

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Revenue recognition

Leverage overage insights to forecast expected revenue and impact on customers with threshold notifications.

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Efficient data mediation in real-time

 Ingest and transform raw usage data from any source in any format using Zuora’s mediation capabilities. Stream usage data in near real-time and route it for rating and billing or store it in a data warehouse, with the ability to ingest up to 200k records per second and store up to 10M records per month. 

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Design pricing strategies

Use a drag-and-drop consumption pricing designer to configure pricing models from volume pricing and tiers to overage charges. Extend any charge model with custom code multi-attribute logic, leveraging a library of pre-built functions. Create bespoke pricing strategies that align with your business goals and customer needs.

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Continuous visibility

Gain full visibility into your customers’ usage with Zuora’s live consumption dashboard. Leverage overage insights to forecast expected revenue and impact on customers. Keep your customers informed with proactive threshold notifications and APIs to surface consumption data within customer portals, ensuring they have up-to-date information on their usage.

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Streamline usage events

Meter and consolidate usage events in Zuora with ease. Stream usage data from any source in any format in near real-time. Leverage a drag-and-drop UI to design flexible meters and route metered data for rating and billing or store it in a data warehouse.

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